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FS-UAE Running Tanks Furry FlashtroFS-UAE Running Tanks Furry FlashtroThe first issue will be many Amiga centric, as that is the system which the Editor, as well as the rest of the writing staff are most familiar with. But once we are done with our coverage of that system you can expect detailed coverage of other systems such as C64, MSX, Atari ST, etcetera.

The vintage section of our publication will assume that you want to run games via the relevant emulator on your Steam Machine's Ubuntu desktop. But users of real hardware will be catered for as well with coverage of any available peripherals and adaptors for their system and contact information of reputable distributors who still support the systems in question. 

Rob O'Malley - EditorRob O'Malley - Editor

Troy Wilkins - Staff WriterTroy Wilkins - Staff Writer

Shane HoldingShane Holding