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my desktop. notice features such as dual directory file desktop. notice features such as dual directory file manager.While we will be a strictly gaming focused magazine. Times have changed since the days of the Amiga and therefore there may be need for us to include articles and tutorials on the topic of Operating Systems or Hardware in a gaming magazine.

Indeed the Steam Machine feature will explain how to install Ubuntu alongside SteamOS as a replacement for the standard SteamOS desktop.

You can expect games development tutorials also, including one planned feature both evaluating and explaining how to use HivelyTracker, as well as covering some basic music theory relating to game development.

Also, just like our ancestor we will do non-gaming articles that we feel may be of interest to our readers.

Rob O'Malley - EditorRob O'Malley - Editor

Troy Wilkins - Staff WriterTroy Wilkins - Staff Writer

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