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Issue 0 - Second Quarter Special Edition 2017

Issue 0 - Special edition - 24-48 pages - Free PDF download - ETA June 2017

Production is on schedule for a quarterly paper and digital magazine

Posted 13/4/2017

 Current Review Format Draft LayoutCurrent Review Format Draft LayoutI think I don't need to say anymore until our scheduled announcement in a couple of days, as Kyot^R3D's images speak for themselves. Indeed without the help of R3D then this issue would not have been possible to bring in on time and under budget at a quality suitable for a proper magazine, and as such we will be featuring both their current budget, console-style, commercial Amiga indie games in our prime advertising space on the inside cover spread.

Indeed you may already notice that Tanks Furry is our main featured product. For this issue it's an Amiga game, but we will usually devote this to a SteamOS game, we will make an exception in some cases and also cover cheap indie games for platforms like MSX, NES, C64, etc. in addition to the Amiga :)

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