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Issue 0 - Second Quarter Special Edition 2017

Issue 0 - Special edition - 24-48 pages - Free PDF download - ETA June 2017

  Assuming that you are not severely mentally impaired then you should require little instruction as to what the concept of "news" might be. But in regards to how this publication handles and reports relevant news articles you may possibly be intrigued...

  Well these days up to date and somewhat accurate information can be easily discovered on-line using services such as Google and FaceBook. And as our publication aims to be the most accurate at the time of publication as possible and the fact that once released the information contained in its pages is pretty much set in stone you may have to rely on existing gaming news websites for more detailed information as there is just no way we could provide news coverage which would remain accurate and current.

  But if it's particularly noteworthy then we may feel compelled to say a few words on any current events, entertainment, miscellaneous non-gaming products or anything else we feel like providing commentary on.  And of course current charts.

Developers, Publishers and Distributors promote your products Free!

  In the not too distant future we at The Power Magazine will feature entirely self-written news coverage interspersed with our editorial, but for the immediate future we are allowing people to write their own small news articles on any relevant products they happen to be involved in the development and/or distribution of no more than 250 words + 2 images ( may be edited : ). So if you are an indie game developer working on a game for SteamOS, or a hardware manufacturer who wants us to mention your particular model of Steam Machine or Linux compatible hardware in our pages, or anyone at any level in between then do not hesitate to take advantage of this generous offer as surely it cannot last for long.

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