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Issue 0 - Second Quarter Special Edition 2017

Issue 0 - Special edition - 24-48 pages - Free PDF download - ETA June 2017

  Juen from R3D will be discussing his recently published Amiga game Tanks Furry and his upcoming release Bridge Strike among other things. And time permitting we will also include a players guide to all of the Levels in Tanks Furry to accompany our interview feature, and review of this slightly slow and boring, but ultimately fun Amiga game. Our review will be covering the actual boxed CD, but for those of you who can't wait to play this game it has been released for some time now and a free ADF download and can be found by searching for "Tanks Furry" on 

  Also as we are the games magazine for SteamOS and Steam Machines we will be featuring an in depth look at the Steam Controller with a detailed evaluation of the unit which is what the Editor is currently using for his Steam Machine use. And very soon all of his emulators too (You'll have to bear with me as I've only just set up the Ubuntu desktop a few hours ago and I'm currently editing a bloody webpage!- Ed:) As well as a small guide on how to set up SteamOS with Ubuntu as the desktop. 

Amiga 1200: Featured Vintage System

Posted 29/3/2017

Our Staff Writer Troy Wilkins was chosen for the job largely based on the merits of his work on the site:

Joe Pillow article from The Amiga Museum http://theamigamuseum.comJoe Pillow article from The Amiga Museum  So understandably when it comes to coverage of the Amiga platform Troy will quite possibly be involved in April's Stock Amiga 1200 coverage. At this point we can promise a feature containing an introduction to The Amiga Museum, which you can see pictured to the right. But with any luck you will also see a beginners guide on setting up your own Amiga 1200 system with everything you will need to run WHDLoad games from a 4GB PCMCIA CF card and/or internal IDE CF adaptor. To DB-9 Optical Mouse and 2 Button arcade joystick. As well as a review of the Commodore Amiga 1200 Magic Pack. 

  If everything goes according to plan we will also somehow feature a Hired Guns multiplayer feature if we can get ourselves organised to have two of our staff members together with an Amiga 1200 sometime in the next fortnight. Watch this space. 

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