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Issue 0 - Second Quarter Special Edition 2017

Issue 0 - Special edition - 24-48 pages - Free PDF download - ETA June 2017

Early Access Feature 04 2017   CrossCode

Lea - Fan Art by G-BrothersLea - Fan Art by G-Brothers

  The rather excellent CrossCode will most likely feature a detailed evaluation, a new update has recently installed itself and this game is looking quite likely for a release in the next 3-6 months so watch this space, although I can safely say that this game will get a preview rating of the highest calibre from me. Also CounterAttack will feature in another in depth preview evaluation in issue one with details of how the game is progressing, information on what it's like to play and maybe some kind of gameplay guide.

  We may also feature a number of lesser titles, but you can assume that any Early Access game which gets the featured game treatment will be one worthy of your purchase, where the smaller previews this may be less true. So even though we pledge not to review any Early Access games we will be providing some kind of evaluation to indicate if this is something you should consider spending any money on at this point in time.

Parenthesis: Crucial Progress Update!

( Due to a minor but crucial SteamOS issue we will probably be bumping CounterAttack by Relative from issue one featured game to the special edition cover feature due to a number of things like Relative being far more co-operative than Radical Fish for example :)

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