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We here at The Power Magazine are pleased to announce the return of the CoverDisk. Issue 1 will feature a real floppy with a full game and an exclusive playable demo of a prototype Amiga game. This will be available as both an ADF available for free download, and 5 copies of an actual floppy disk with printed label available for the first few readers to claim them. Which will most likely be done via some kind of reader competition.


Now obviously SteamOS consoles don't come equipped with floppy drives as standard like the Amiga, so this particular form of the coverdisk is really just a special one-off kind of deal. But just like the computer magazines of old we do plan on providing some kind of Subscriber Content and you can expect a downloads section available for registered readers of our publication.

Rob O'Malley - EditorRob O'Malley - Editor

Troy Wilkins - Staff WriterTroy Wilkins - Staff Writer

Shane HoldingShane Holding