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Issue 0 - Special edition - 24-48 pages - Free PDF download - ETA June 2017

Special Edition Issue 0 - 2nd Q 2017 - Welcome to The Power Magazine

  Details on who just we are, what we plan to do with and why we even bothered with this project will be what the special edition is mainly focussed on. Although rest assured we won't just be massaging our own ego's and will be providing some actual content with some substance such as a detailed evaluation of the Alienware Steam Machine and Steam Controller.

  There will also be a substantial feature on our writing and production quality standards we intend to use within the pages of The Power Magazine. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but let's just say that we intend to hold true to many of the principles which were cornerstones of the original Amiga Power's reviewing philosophy, as well as adding some elements of our own design.

  We are a games magazine for the Steam Machine platform, but really anyone who uses PC gaming hardware will find useful information contained within our pages. We will always strive to assume a minimum level of technical competency while hopefully avoiding being patronising to experienced PC users. 

The Power Magazine Says "The CoverDisk is Back" free USB

The Power Staff

Troy Wilkins - Staff Writer - The Amiga MuseumTroy Wilkins - Staff Writer - The Amiga Museum

Shane HoldingShane Holding

Krzysztof - Art Editor
- Kyot^R3DKrzysztof - Art Editor - Kyot^R3D

Rob O'Malley - Editor - Disaster Area Chip MusicianRob O'Malley - Editor - Disaster Area Chip Musician

  If you feel you are able to contribute then please contact the editor via email or Steam.


  Or alternatively you can upload content to the Staff Forum or FTP.

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